low complexity duties , exemption 38

29th Apr 2016 at 12:50pm


If you are operating small commercial vessels,now called DCV,s (domestic commercial vessels) you may now need a commercial licence.

The national standards for commercial vessels (NSCV) now apply to the construction,operation and seafarer qualifications.It also establishes AMSA as the single national regulator for commercial vessel safety. Transitional arrangements  have been put in place to help local industry move to the new system and ensure people and vessels  can continue operating their businesses.

Marine orders set out the processes and requirements for national certificates,vessel identification,approved training organisations and administrative requirements.Marine orders are a type of regulation that allows our laws to keep pace with any technological changes in marine safety and our maritime obligations. Marine order 505 provides for certificates of competancy and prescribes a standard for qualifications of a DCV,s  master and its crew.

Exemptions from certain elements of the national law are provided where it is unreasonable to recquire full compliance or where some transitional requirements are met,exemptions are provided to specific vessels such as heritage listed vessels and also to traditional operators,other exemptions are provided for temporary vessel and crewing operations.

Under previous legislation you may have been able to operate a small commercial vessel with a recreational marine drivers licence and in some circumstances you still can. (check AMSA website),and to help those who need to transition into the new system AMSA introduced exemption 38 (ex 38) for low complexity duties

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